In late September 2016, five oceanographic moorings were deployed (see Chapter 1) in the eastern Hudson Bay and at the entrance to James Bay (Figure 8.1). These moorings were planned to be recovered during the summer of 2017 from onboard the CCGS Amundsen or R/V William Kennedy. A decision was made, however, to use the R/V William Kennedy to turn the mooring instead of conducting a recovery. Due to delays in the ship’s inspection from Transport Canada, the 2017 cruise was canceled. An opportunistic cruise onboard CCGS Henry Larsen was successfully conducted on October 26 – November 1, 2017, for retrieval and re-deployment of some of BaySys moorings accompanied by the concurrent CTD and water sampling (see Chapter 2, Kirillov et al., 2018, 2020; Petrusevich et al., 2020). Unfortunately, mooring JB02 could not be recovered during that operation and was ultimately recovered during the MV William Kennedy field operations in 2018. On September 1-14, 2018, the MV William Kennedy embarked with the main goal of recovery of the mooring JB02 and conducting additional bathymetry surveys, water sampling and CTD casts during transects and in the Nelson River estuary.

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Field Value
Campaign Start Date 2018-09-01
Campaign End Date 2018-09-14
Location Hudson Bay
Research Area
Field Value
Chief Scientist David Barber
Affiliation Centre for Earth Observation Science - University of Manitoba