Finding Data

Finding Data in the data catalogue

There are many ways to find data in CanWIN. You can search for:

  • any dataset in the dataset catalogue by clicking on Dataset in the top menu bar (image w/arrows)
  • any project, facility or theme by clicking on their name in the top menu bar (image w/arrows)
  • any project, collection or theme by selecting them from the shortcut boxes (image w/arrows)
  • keywords using the spatial search box or the advanced search bar

When you search for data in CanWIN, any information matching your search criteria are displayed on the Search Results page. You can use the options on this page to: (image)

  • select a dataset to view details
  • refine the criteria to be more specific about the datasets you want to see (from the filter menu on the left)
  • change the order of results

(image of search page with items circled or arrow to them)

To find out more about a dataset

If  you have not used any filters, your search results will show all categories relevent to your search term (i.e. projects, collections, publications, instrument details, deployment details, datasets or campaigns) along with a brief summary and applicable data formats (for type dataset). For more information about a dataset, click its title:


Refining your criteria - Using the advanced search bar

Typing in search terms in the search bar will prompt the search bar to suggest matching datasets and category filters (collection, theme, project, platform, keywords) to help you narrow down your search.

Click on datasets to view that dataset, and click on the appropriate filter (under browse categories) to apply them to your search.