Relationship to this dataset

Research outputs (resources) that are hosted externally to the Data Catalogue can be associated with your dataset in the catalogue through the Related resource section in a metadata template. You can identify the type of relationship between your dataset and the related resource. The table below describes these relationships.

Relationship Type Interpretation
Cites Dataset cites Resource
Compiles Dataset compiles Resource
Continues Dataset continues Resource
Describes Dataset describes Resource
Documents Dataset documents Resource
HasMetadata Resource is metadata for Dataset
HasPart Dataset is part of Resource*
HasVersion Dataset has version Resource
IsCitedBy Dataset is cited by Resource
IsCompiledBy Dataset is compiled by Resource
IsContinuedBy Dataset is continued by Resource
IsDerivedBy Dataset is derived from Resource
IsDescribedBy Dataset is described by Resource
IsDocumentedBy Dataset is documented by Resource
IsIdenticalTo Dataset is identical to Resource
IsMetadataFor Dataset is metadata for Resource
IsNewVersionOf Dataset is new version of Resource
IsObsoletedBy Dataset is obsoleted by Resource
IsOriginalFormOf Dataset is original form of Resource
IsPartOf Resource has part of Dataset*
IsPreviousVersionOf Dataset is previous version of Resource
IsPublishedIn Dataset is published in Resource
IsReferencedBy Dataset is referenced by Resource
IsRequiredBy Dataset is required by Resource
IsReviewedBy Dataset is reviewed by Resource
IsSourceOf Dataset is source of Resource
IsSupplementBy Dataset is supplement to Resource
IsSupplementTo Dataset is supplemented by Resource
IsVariantFromOf Dataset is variant form of Resource
IsVersionOf Resource is a version of Dataset
Obsoletes Resource is obseleted by Dataset
References Dataset reference Resource
Requires Dataset requires Resource
Reviews Dataset reviews Resource

*Used when dataset page is in a collection.

For further information, review DataCite's support document on relationship types for publications and datasets.

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